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Turquoise & Tufa

Old 1940 Navajo Sand Cast Bow Guard Or Ketoh

Old 1940 Navajo Sand Cast Bow Guard Or Ketoh

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Wear this old Navajo bow guard as a bracelet that's as stunning as it is uncommon. 

The center piece of the bow guard or ketoh is a heavy silver sand cast design set with a large oval turquoise stone that's slightly domed. The back of the silver panel has four copper loops with which it's been tied onto a black leather cuff. The cuff itself ties onto the wrist with a hand cut leather strap.

There's great old patina on both the silver and the copper as the Ketoh dates from the 1940's. It is likely the unsigned work of the Navajo artist John Burnside. 

As the name suggests, a bow guard was originally to protect the wrists of its wearer from getting hurt when using a bow during hunts. Today, some collectors boldly wear bow guards as striking and stylish adornments. Other collectors prefer to simply display them as beautiful objects of art.

This one comes from a large private collection. It measures 4" tall, and the leather has an adjustable fit depending on how it's tied from about a 6 1/2" circumference to an 8" circumference. 

  • Old Navajo Bow Guard or Ketoh
  • Circa 1940's
  • Handmade Sand Cast Silver
  • Large Turquoise Stone that measures 1 1/2"
  • Tied on 4" leather cuff with copper loops
  • Likely the work of Navajo artist John Burnside
  • From a private collection
  • 4" tall and leather is adjustable from 6 1/2" - 8" circumference
  • Unsigned
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