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Old Navajo Large Heart Shaped Earrings of Silver and Turquoise


For the crowd that loves authentic old Navajo jewelry, these larger silver and turquoise heart-shaped earrings should make you weak in the knees. They're the real deal, and that's ever-increasingly important these days! Each earring is set with 3 natural rough-cut turquoise stones. A stamped silver border completes the pair.

Martha Hopkins Struever fell in love with these back in 1999 when she saw them offered by another Native American art dealer. She snatched them up with the intention of selling them. Instead, she was so in love with them that they went directly into her own jewelry cabinet.

The earrings measure a generous 1 3/8" tall x 1 1/2" wide. They are posts for pierced ears, and they may have at one time been old buttons. Unsigned.

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