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Norbert Peshlakai Silver Triangle Bracelet With Stamping

Norbert Peshlakai Silver Triangle Bracelet With Stamping

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Remember the days of high school geometry when it just wasn't translating and it seemed so boring? Well, contemporary Navajo jeweler Norbert Peshlakai is such a master of great design that he's taken geometry and turned it into art with this silver triangle bracelet. 

For this handmade piece, Norbert Peshlakai has actually used the triangle in a number of different ways. It takes a little bit of study, for the piece is almost like a puzzle. The top of the bracelet is shaped like a triangle achieving a little bit of height and coming to a perfect point. Within that triangle, Norbert has created 4 notches that form additional triangles. Even the sides of the bracelet are designed with elongated triangular shapes. Finally, Norbert has stamped the silver bracelet with rows of different triangles. 

Norbert Peshlakai could have stopped there and had a wonderful contemporary bracelet, however, he went even further. To soften all of the hard geometry, Norbert Peshlakai gently curved the terminals of the bracelet so that one moves up while the other moves down. He also stamped one side of the bracelet with butterflies. It's all rather ingenious if you stop to consider it! 

The bracelet measures 5 1/2" inside with a 7/8" opening. Despite an opening of just 7/8", the fit is larger since the curved terminals have 1/4" between the two. The bracelet width is 3/8" and the height is 1/4". It's stamped with Norbert's hallmark.

The piece is an older one that comes from a beloved collection of Native American jewelry. The previous owner was NOT a geometry teacher, but wouldn't it be fun if the next owner was!

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