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Norbert Peshlakai Pin of Poppy Jasper Fish

Norbert Peshlakai Pin of Poppy Jasper Fish

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This sterling silver brooch by Navajo artist Norbert Peshlakai shows exactly why he's known as such a great jewelry designer. The abstract pin is completely unique. It represents a fat fish with a rounded Poppy Jasper belly. The textured silver fish is decorated with Norbert's stamps including bears and mountains, which might represent the fish's predator and the mountain stream where the fish lives.

Norbert Peshlakai's work is heavily influenced by Pablo Picasso's Cubism, and it strongly shows in this brooch. 

The reverse of the pin has a bear cut-out in a private homage to the fish's great predator.

This whimsical piece of exceptional, wearable design measures 2 3/4" long x 1 3/8" high. It's signed on the reverse. 

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