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Norbert Peshlakai Concho Belt of Stamped Silver Conchos

Norbert Peshlakai Concho Belt of Stamped Silver Conchos

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Sometimes, the elegant style of a sleek, contemporary Navajo concho belt is just what you need to amplify your personal style as well as your Native American art collection. Fortunately, contemporary master Norbert Peshlakai has you covered with this one.

It's a sterling silver open concho belt with a full 17 precision, hand-stamped conchos plus a perfectly matched buckle. These fantastic conchos measure 1 1/4" square, so they can fit inside the belt loops of dress pants and jeans or (for the ladies) enhance your dresses and skirts. Just think of the different looks you can dream up.

The conchos are attached to a long strip of smooth black leather. It's currently long enough to fit just about anyone (guaranteed). We can custom cut the leather to fit your specific dimensions. 

Belt is hallmarked by Norbert Peshlakai.

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