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Navajo Darrell Slim Bracelet of Silver Tracks

Navajo Darrell Slim Bracelet of Silver Tracks

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It's official! We all go gaga for turquoise jewelry, but there's also something to be said for slathering on the silver. 

Not just any silver will do. Only a nicely edited collection of well-designed Native American silver jewelry can give you that stand-out appeal. When done right, this kind of look is everything! 

You can keep it really simple with one singular piece, or you stack an array of nice cuffs perhaps in various width and motifs.

This contemporary Navajo bracelet by Darrell Slim is one of those must-have pieces for a perfectly executed all-silver look! The design is actually an updated take on an early classic, and it's just fantastic. It's heavy, wide, and eye-catching with its multiple parallel rows of silver strands or "tracks."

Rather than being completely flat, the bracelet is very gently domed for even more excellence. The cuff has enough power to stand all on its own, but it also plays nicely when worn with other Native American bracelets.

This weighty piece is so good that it was almost held out for Turquoise & Tufa's annual Native American jewelry catalog.

Darrell Slim's handmade silver bracelet is as large as it is in charge. It's 6 1/4" of silver PLUS an opening of 1 1/4" that can be opened or closed to fit. The width is 1 1/2". It's signed on the inside. 

It comes from the small Indigenous jewelry collection of an artist, which makes perfect sense.

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