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Navajo Daniel Sunshine Reeves Silver Stamped Stamp Roll Dispenser

Navajo Daniel Sunshine Reeves Silver Stamped Stamp Roll Dispenser

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Directly from the personal desk set of renowned Native American art dealer Martha Hopkins Struever comes this sterling silver stamp roll dispenser by Daniel "Sunshine" Reeves.

More than just a stamp holder, this is a tiny but complex Navajo silver art vessel where form meets function. Notice the rows of precision stamp work including steps and corn plants, all done by hand. There's so much detail here in one little piece. The removable lid is even scalloped along the edges. Dan Reeves could have been content to leave the bottom of the stamp holder untouched, but he's decorated that too with complimentary stamp work. He's also given it little silver feet. 

These are the details that Marti Struever fell in love with, and you will too. Even if you don't use stamps, turn the opening to the back, and use this as a tiny treasure box. The little vessel measures 1 3/8" diameter x 1 1/2" tall. It's signed on the inside of the lid.

Martha Struever authored two books, wrote dozens of appraisals, and sold thousands of Native American art pieces with this little Navajo silver vessel on her desk. Just think of what you'll accomplish with it sitting on yours!

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