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Native American Jewelry Collection Spreadsheet

Native American Jewelry Collection Spreadsheet

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A custom made spreadsheet for tracking your Native American jewelry collection - created with love especially for Native jewelry collectors like you

By entering your pieces of Native American jewelry into this simple, easy to use, custom digital spreadsheet, you're being a good steward of your collection and maintaining the individual stories - the who, what, when, where, and why - of every single piece of jewelry. You're honoring Native artists and their creations, while receiving other important benefits.

Benefits of cataloging your Native American jewelry collection:

  • Access your jewelry collection from anywhere! It's securely cloud based living in Google Docs (for free), so you can access it when traveling, shopping, and visiting museums
  • Easily interact with your jewelry catalog in its entirety to note gaps in your collection, plan future purchases, and discover more about yourself as a collector
  • Instantly identify how many pieces are in your collection
  • Instantly identify how much money you've spent on your collection
  • Email copies of your collection catalog to accountants, attorneys, insurance agents or family members
  • Easily access your collection catalog in the case of loss, theft, or fire
  • Change location status of individual jewelry pieces so that you know at a moment's notice where any item is whether it be in a safe, with you on vacation, at a second home, or on loan to a museum or gallery
  • Designate specific pieces of jewelry to be sold or consigned out as you review your collection and notice your taste has inevitably changed
  • Plan for future gifting of your jewelry to family, friends, and institutions 
  • Record appraisal information 
  • Send a copy of your Native jewelry collection to appraisers to make sure they have all the details for formal appraisals (they'll love you for it!)
  • Utilize a powerful FIND function to find details on specific pieces, artists, and more in your large collection
  • Color code different pieces of jewelry to stand out
  • Gain peace of mind that your Native American jewelry collection is digitally recorded and well organized
  • Access provenance information at your fingertips, which can increase value of pieces
  • Export your entire collection to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF
  • Print your entire collection for a hard copy

Your Purchase Includes

  • Your purchase will include a simple, ready to use spreadsheet.
  • You'll receive it instantly in a Certificate of Download just as soon as you check out as well as in an email.
  • In your Certificate of Download will also be links to special video teachings that I've prepared walking you through your new Native American Jewelry Collection Catalog.

Don't let lack of tech skills hold you back - my 40 minute teaching video will make it easy for you.

What You Need

All you need is a Gmail or Google Account, which is free. If you don't have one, I've even prepared a video that walks you through how to open your free account. It will arrive automatically upon your purchase in your certificate of download.

No collection is too large or too small to be cataloged in this spreadsheet. So get started today, you'll be so glad you did!

Further Reading

For more details on the importance of tracking your Native American jewelry collection, read this blog post.

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