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Turquoise & Tufa

Miniature Bird Jar By Terry Reano of Kewa Pueblo

Miniature Bird Jar By Terry Reano of Kewa Pueblo

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Even though Native American art dealer Martha Struever was best known for her exceptional eye and impeccable taste, she also had an affinity for artwork that was whimsical or cute. 

This miniature bird jar by Terry Reano of Kewa or Santo Domingo Pueblo certainly fits the bill. It's a teeny treasure that "delighted" Marti (as she would say.)

The little polychrome jar is hand formed and hand painted. There are two different birds on either side. One is calling out with a "Ku cu" noise. The other bird responds with a question mark. Perhaps they don't speak the same language.

The jar is just 1" tall, so it's very small, but the birds don't know that. As far as they're concerned, they're mighty.

Marti Struever displayed this tiny piece of pottery inside of the glass topped table where she kept all of her favorite pottery miniatures.

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