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Turquoise & Tufa

Mike Bird Romero Bracelet of Silver and Turquoise

Mike Bird Romero Bracelet of Silver and Turquoise

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If you know, you know. Contemporary Native jeweler Mike Bird Romero is one of the best there is! His wide, heavy silver cuffs have a signature style with multiple bands and  big, bold stones. 

This one is elegant in silver and turquoise, just as you'd wish for a fantastic Native American cuff bracelet to be. The natural turquoise stone with its rounded edges sits up above the silver cuff to loudly shout "hello" for all to hear. The stone is deliciously webbed in its thick, heavy matrix, a perfect compliment to the massive silver work.

While the cuff is wide, it's made for small wrists. That combo is sometimes impossibly hard to find!

Mike Bird Romero's bracelet measures 5 3/8" inside plus 1" opening. Width is just shy of 2". Hallmarked on the inside.

The piece comes from the phenomenal collection of a dear friend.

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