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Vintage Victor Coochwytewa Silver Overlay Necklace Man In The Maze


This striking Hopi overlay necklace is a vintage piece by one of the original Hopi masters: Victor Coochwytewa. 

If you're not familiar with Victor Coochwytewa, please take a little time to read about who Victor Coochwytewa was, and you'll be even more impressed. 

In this necklace, Victor Coochwytewa depicts Man-In-The-Maze, a traditional Hopi story of emergence. The necklace is not only eye-catching but also symbolic. Interestingly, the little human figure has a hole cut right through the center of his body. There's so much meaning there.

With its extender, the chain measures 22 1/2" from end to end. The pendant itself measures 1 7/8" in diameter. Hallmarked on the reverse with Victor's raincloud stamp. The necklace is from the estate of a life-long collector of fine Native American jewelry, both vintage and contemporary.

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