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Large Vintage Navajo Bracelet of Heavy Silver and Morenci Turquoise

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This hunk of a bracelet is super cool because it's big, bold and heavy, yet it fits a small wrist. For those of us who are small-wristed, sometimes we miss out on certain looks. No missing out with this one.

The vintage Navajo bracelet is set with a single natural Morenci turquoise stone in the midst of well-done, handmade silver work. Encircling the stone is one heavy gauge silver feather and one silver row of stamp work. The cuff itself is alternating rows of silver bands - 5 in all. Two are stamped, two are ropes, and two are plain carenated silver. That's a lot of doin' in one bracelet.

The piece is stamped with a "CS" and it measures 5 1/4" inside with a 15/16" opening. Width is just shy of 2".

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