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Julian Lovato Ring of 14kt Gold and Coral

Julian Lovato Ring of 14kt Gold and Coral

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Most of us remember how Cinderella's perfect little foot is the one that fit into the glass slipper and won the prince. 

Certain one-of-a-kind rings can be like that glass slipper - they're made for that special finger in that certain size. This Julian Lovato ring is a "Cinderella slipper" of rings. A size 5.5, it needs the perfect petite finger. Might it be your glass slipper?

Handmade by the late Santo Domingo (Kewa) master, Julian Lovato, this vintage ring of 14kt gold and natural red Mediterranean coral is just gorgeous. The setting sits up above the band in a beautiful horizontal oval shape. Hallmarked on the inside. It's the stuff of fairy tales.

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