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Turquoise & Tufa

Julian Lovato Necklace of Silver and Turquoise

Julian Lovato Necklace of Silver and Turquoise

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Raise your hand if you're especially drawn to turquoise in shades of green. Keep your hand up if you find the alchemy in Julian Lovato's impeccable silver & turquoise designs.

This necklace by the late Santo Domingo master is worthy of a hands up. All handmade - a striking silver pendant set with a natural green turquoise stone hangs from an expertly made silver chain.

You can have multiple looks in one as the pendant can easily be detached from the chain. Wear the chain as the entire Julian Lovato showstopper necklace, wear it alone or with another pendant. You can also wear it at different lengths. There's just so much to love here!

The chain is 27" from end to end. The pendant measures 1 3/4" high x 1 1/2" wide. Both chain and pendant bear the mark of their incredible creator.

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