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Vintage Joe and Terry Reano Necklace of Coral Flowers

Vintage Joe and Terry Reano Necklace of Coral Flowers

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Tulips or roses, you decide which flowers are represented by the incredible pink coral beads of this rare five strand necklace by Joe B. and Terry C. Reano.

Terry and Joe Reano from Kewa or Santo Domingo Pueblo are known for being among the few remaining artists making their beads in the painstaking traditional, old style process - completely by hand without using any power tools. The final result has an exquisite feel unlike any other.

Often, Joe and Terry Reano's beads have a more traditional look to them, however, this particular necklace feels especially feminine and graceful with the enchanting addition of its tiny hand carved natural pink coral flower beads. Even though it's five strands, it's light and ethereal.

Just imagine the process of making each of these teeny tiny beads entirely by hand. So much intention and love has gone into every single one. Since both roses and tulips represent love, this necklace wraps the wearer in just that - love. Gift it to someone dear as an avowal of your love, or gift it to yourself as a reminder that you're love and you're loved.

This elegant necklace by the Santo Domingo masters measures 31" from end to end with an adjustable sterling silver hook and chain and is signed on the sterling silver cones.

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