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Jimmie King Jr. Bracelet of Silver With Gold Accent


Contemporary Navajo jeweler Jimmie King Jr. has graced the Native art world with this beautifully designed heavy silver bracelet. The handmade bracelet tapers in width from one end to the other and uses linear stamping in a variety of patterns to catch the eye. One offset round gold bead is a small detail, but it's also everything!

The versatile bracelet is meant to be worn a lot - stacked, alone, with silver, and with gold.

Do you have any gold pieces you just can't find the right bracelet to wear with? This Jimmie King Jr. just might be the one to bridge the gap.

It measures 5" inside with a 1 3/8" opening that can be closed if need be. Width tapers from 7/16" to 1/4" and there is a 1/8" depth to the bracelet as well. Hallmarked on the inside.

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