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Turquoise & Tufa

Ira Custer Buckle of Sterling Silver Heart

Ira Custer Buckle of Sterling Silver Heart

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We're on a personal mission to get more ladies wearing amazing belt buckles. If you take two women wearing the same exact outfit but one of them is wearing a buckle, the lady in the buckle goes from star to superstar!

This tufa cast sterling silver belt buckle by Navajo jeweler Ira Custer is a phenomenal place to start your buckle collection. It's on smaller side so it's easily wearable, it's more feminine, and it has a graceful floral heart design. It's so much more than a fashion accessory, but a symbol of love that you'll hold tight to for many years to come. 

It measures 2" x 2" and fits a 1" belt beautifully.

Ira Custer etched his initials into the reverse of the piece. 

If you'd love a great buckle, but you're not sure how to pick out the perfect belt strap, check out this video that will show you how. (This buckle makes an appearance in the video too!)

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