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Inlay Hopi Maiden Pin Pendant by Virgil and Shirley Benn

Inlay Hopi Maiden Pin Pendant by Virgil and Shirley Benn

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Artists Virgil and Shirley Benn have an incredible ability to bring their inlay jewelry to life. Look at the sweet face on this beautiful Hopi maiden pin/pendant by Virgil and Shirley Benn. From her intricate hair whorls down to her beaded necklaces, it's hard to believe that she's made entirely of shell and stone set in silver.

Shirley Benn is Hopi/Tewa, and is the daughter of Daisy Hooee Nampeyo and the granddaughter of Nampeyo of Hano, so singular artistic ability runs in her veins. Virgil Benn of Zuni and Paiute ancestry lends his Zuni Pueblo's style of mosaic inlay to their works.

This lovely maiden pin/pendant comes from the private, personal collection of Martha Hopkins Struever, who was an exemplary American Indian art dealer and scholar out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. "Marti" kept for her private pieces only the very best works from each of her favorite artists. This was one of those. We have no doubt that Marti held on to this piece because she was so entirely fond of all things Hopi.

The pin/pendant measures 2 1/2" wide x 2" long. It's etched "V and S Benn" on the reverse with the word "Hopi"

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