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Hopi Phillip Sekaquaptewa Bracelet of Silver and Sugilite

Hopi Phillip Sekaquaptewa Bracelet of Silver and Sugilite

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Hopi jeweler Phillip Sekaquaptewa learned the art of jewelry making at the Hopi Arts and Crafts Silvercraft Cooperative Guild located on Second Mesa. While many former Hopi Guild students are known for their wonderful silver overlay jewelry, Phil Sekaquaptewa or Weseoma took his jewelry a step further by incorporating colorful stones, sometimes in an inlay technique. His jewelry developed as highly unique contemporary art pieces. 

While he passed away in 2003, Phillip Sekaquaptewa's jewelry is still impressive and of-the-moment even two decades later. 

This silver bracelet by Phil Sekaquaptewa shows just how contemporary the designs of former Hopi Guild members could be. Like more "traditional" Hopi overlay, this cuff is decorated with geometric designs, however, they're done in a flowing pattern of silver appliqué set against a textured silver background. Randomly placed silver stars and moons finish the silver work on the piece. A small but important accent is a single offset sugilite stone. 

If purple is your color, you've gotta give this piece a chance!

The cuff is lighter weight silver and easier to wear for those who are uncomfortable in heavier silver bracelets.

The bracelet measures 5 3/8" inside plus a 1 1/4" opening that can easily be further opened or closed. The width is 15/16" and the cuff is signed on the inside.

  • Contemporary Hopi bracelet
  • Handmade by Phil Sekaquaptewa or Weseoma
  • Sterling silver appliqué of geometric designs
  • Moon and Star accents
  • Set with a single sugilite stone
  • Lighter weight, easy to wear silver
  • Measures 5 3/8" inside plus a 1 1/4" opening
  • Width is 15/16"
  • Signed on the inside
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