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Historic Navajo Silver Squash Blossom Pendant Hand Wrought

Historic Navajo Silver Squash Blossom Pendant Hand Wrought

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Here is a very special sterling silver pendant that is made from a historic Navajo squash blossom. The blossom originally came from a fine, hand-wrought silver squash blossom necklace that came to us in pieces. We had some beautiful blossoms and beads, but we didn't have enough to re-string the necklace in its entirety. Instead, we decided to re-imagine our few historic blossoms into new pieces of jewelry that still maintain the integrity of the original piece.

What we came up with is this pendant. The original blossom has been untouched except for hammering out the bail to make it more wearable. The resulting pendant is a lovely little emblem of what has now become an iconic Southwestern symbol. 

The pendant has a gorgeous patina and the wonderful, distinctive marks of hand hammering. 

  • unsigned
  • 1 5/8" tall x 7/8" wide
  • one of a kind
  • sterling siler
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