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Historic Hopi Candlesticks of Longhair Katsina

Historic Hopi Candlesticks of Longhair Katsina

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Martha Hopkins Struever, the renowned Native American art dealer, collector and scholar had a special affinity for all things Hopi - especially Hopi pottery. Inside her home, a portion of which served as an art gallery, she had a special nicho (cut out in the wall), where she kept her beloved collection of historic Hopi pottery. 

Many an offer was made on the pieces in Marti's "nicho" collection of historic Hopi pottery, but she was never willing to sell.

This pair of historic Hopi candlesticks were part of that cherished Nicho Collection. They're two of the last 3 remaining pieces from that incredible grouping. 

The hand formed and hand painted polychrome candlesticks each depict a rare longhair katsina. Each measures 4 1/2" tall. They date circa 1914 from an original mark that was on the bottom of one. 

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