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Historic Early Navajo or Pueblo Silver Hoop Earring Gallegos Collection

Historic Early Navajo or Pueblo Silver Hoop Earring Gallegos Collection

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Oh, friends! This one is special. You can get out your book Navajo and Pueblo Earrings 1850-1945 by Robert Bauver and read all about it on page 49, or you can continue reading below.

We'll start off with the impeccable provenance information: This historic early Navajo or Pueblo hoop earring of hand-wrought silver is part of the ex-Robert Gallegos collection. It's published in Robert Bauver's earring book, and it was purchased by Martha Hopkins Struever in August 2007 when she showcased Robert Gallegos' earring collection that corresponded with the release of Robert Bauver's book. This single earring is one that Marti kept in her own private collection.

Bauver's book dates this earring circa 1875-1920, so it is quite early, indeed.

What will I do with a single, historic hoop earring you might ask? Oh, my friend, so much! If you're more outgoing, more willing to make a statement, wear this earring with a single silver bead on the other ear. (The asymmetrical look would do Charles Loloma proud.) Unlike many early Navajo or Pueblo hoop earrings that were too thick to fit in today's pierced ears, this earring has a thinner wire added at the actual time of its crafting to fit your ears perfectly today. 

If you're not bold enough to rock the asymmetrical look, that's okay. There's something about the way this historic earring feels in the hand. Collect is as a piece of Native American jewelry history with an impeccable provenance that can also serve as a type of joy-influsing talisman. You'll be hard pressed to find another with such pristine provenance.

Earring measures 1 1/4".

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