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Harry H. Begay Vintage Navajo Cuff of Turquoise and Red Spiny Oyster


If you're all about color combo's, check out this cool vintage bracelet by Navajo jeweler Harry H. Begay that contrasts colors of red spondylus (spiny oyster) against blue-green natural turquoise. In a perfectly linear pattern, there is one red spiny oyster square and one red spiny oyster rectangle set on either side of a single, horizontally-set turquoise oval. Typical of Harry H. Begay's work, the stones are set in heavy-gauge silver.

The piece is signed with Harry H. Begay's arrow hallmark, and it measures 5 5/8" inside with a 1 1/4" opening and a width of 3/4".

If you want stacked color combos, check out or similar piece with orange spondylus shell and turquoise by Harry H. Begay.

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