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Greg Lewis Bracelet of Old Style Horse Stamps and Repousse


Greg Lewis of Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico creates exceptional old style jewelry by hand. This wonderful silver cuff with a single green turquoise stone has the most whimsical horse or dog stamp work as well as cool repousse designs. It could easily be a super unique old Pueblo bracelet.

Just like his grandfather before him, almost everything that Greg Lewis does is by hand. Even his tools are created by hand out of old files and tool steel bar. All of his stamps are handmade too – either by Greg or passed down from his grandfather. The fine natural turquoise that Greg Lewis uses is also hand-cut and hand-set.

It's a lot of painstaking work that results in jewelry that is rare and excellent in its design.

This bracelet measures 5 7/8" inside with a 1 1/4" opening and a 1 1/4" width. It's hallmarked with Greg's stamp and is from a phenomenal Pacific Northwest collection.

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