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Turquoise & Tufa

Fred Harvey Era Tourist Bracelet of Snake Eye Turquoise

Fred Harvey Era Tourist Bracelet of Snake Eye Turquoise

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For a large contingent of Native American jewelry aficionados, stacking bracelets is a must! 

This old tourist bracelet set with a row of turquoise in a snake eye style is perfect for that stacking! In fact, it came from a collection of vintage narrow turquoise stackers that were all worn together on one woman's arm. 

This bracelet would likely have originally been purchased in a curio shop by a Southwestern tourist enchanted by all things turquoise  With its narrow design and bright row of teeny tiny turquoise stones, it would have been the perfect piece to take back home and wear as a reminder of the Southwest. Worn alone, it's not too much of a commitment to Southwestern or Native American style. . . just a pretty touch of turquoise surrounded by silver beads and a tiny bit of stamping for good measure. 

She measures 5 3/8" inside with a 1 1/16" opening that can be very gently manipulated to fit. She's also very slender measuring just 3/8" wide. Even though she's been worn and loved over the decades, each little round stone is completely secure.

She's unsigned and wondering if she'll become part of a new stack or shine all on her own. Be sure and look at her sister stacker bracelets in case you'd like to keep her within the same collection. (wink!)

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