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Turquoise & Tufa

Frank Patania Sr. Link Bracelet With Natural Turquoise

Frank Patania Sr. Link Bracelet With Natural Turquoise

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Every now and then, someone newly enchanted with the impressive jewelry of Frank Patania Sr. assumes that Frank was Native American. It’s an easy conclusion. After all, Frank Patania is best known for his acclaimed modernist jewelry of silver, turquoise and sometimes coral. His bold creations are most often offered alongside those of Native American artists. Frank Patania Sr, though, was not Native American, but Native American jewelry certainly influenced his life’s path from the 1920’s all the way until his death in 1964.

This marvelous modernist bracelet is a wonderful example of Frank Patania Sr. at his best. Seven segments of very heavy silver are beautifully arched, graduated in size and set with truly amazing natural Persian turquoise, also graduated in size. The dome of each turquoise stone is replicated with silver beads that graduate in size as well. 

The striking bracelet measures 7 ¼” from end to end. The width is 1 ⅛” and the height (due to the domed turquoise) is ⅜”. It’s hallmarked on the reverse with FP for the jewelry master as well as two of the thunderbird hallmarks.

While this piece isn't Native American made, it certainly deserves a place alongside Native jewelry for the role that its maker played in Southwestern and Native American art and design.

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