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Turquoise & Tufa

Five Strand Necklace of Deep Blue Turquoise Beads

Five Strand Necklace of Deep Blue Turquoise Beads

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Five strands of deep blue turquoise beads form a lovely hand strung necklace. The little beads look like they could be Blue Gem turquoise although there's no formal attribution to the mine.

The necklace is a gorgeous burst of turquoise when worn alone, but it's absolutely made to be paired with a great pendant that has a bail of at least 1/2" opening.  (See Artie Yellowhorse's pendant for a stunning combo). If you have any fabulous Native American pendants in your collection that are waiting for the right necklace, this one could be it!

Navajo or Pueblo made, the necklace was purchased on one of Marti Struever's famous field trips. The original owner thinks it may have been purchased during a stop at Santo Domingo Pueblo. The versatile piece measures 18 1/2" from end to end and closes with a sterling silver floral clasp. Each little bead is 1/8". Unsigned.

Here are some other wonderful pendants that look incredible with this necklace:

1. Fritz Casuse's original tufa cast eagle with turquoise

2. Na Na Ping's contemporary inlay pendant

3. Beautiful openwork pendant by the late Laverne Goldtooth

4. Ira Custer's tufa cast silver spiral for a contemporary look.

5. Paul Begay's Bisbee turquoise pendant for an eye catching mix of shades

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