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Turquoise & Tufa

Fidel Bahe Bracelet of Turquoise Height Inlay

Fidel Bahe Bracelet of Turquoise Height Inlay

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Let me drop a few big Native American jewelry names. . .

  • Preston Monongye
  • Victor Beck
  • Charles Loloma.

Navajo jeweler Fidel Bahe apprenticed with the first two artists and was influenced by the third. This knockout Fidel Bahe bracelet definitely reveals those connections.

With its sumptuous cobblestone height inlay of fine natural turquoise, natural red and orange Mediterranean coral along with a single shell accent stone, it's absolutely stunning! The hand cut stonework all sits atop a heavy silver cuff.

All in all, it's my own personal favorite Fidel Bahe bracelet of all times!

Signed on the inside, this Bahe masterpiece measures 5 7/16" inside with a 1" gap. The height is 3/8".

If it's your size, you just might want to get this best-of piece on your wrist right away because once it's on, you'll be head over heels smitten.

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