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Eveli Sabatie 18kt Gold Floral Brooch & Hair Piece

Eveli Sabatie 18kt Gold Floral Brooch & Hair Piece

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While she's not Native American, French-Moroccan born Eveli Sabatie certainly deserves a spot in the annals of American Indian jewelry history due to the cross influences between her and Hopi legend Charles Loloma, Eveli's one-time partner.

Eveli Sabatie's rare jewelry is much sought-after for its transcendent, emotive design.

We're pleased to offer this regal piece of jewelry that is impressive in its versatility. The 18kt gold, inlaid floral piece can be worn either as a brooch or a hair pin. The majestic piece is set with lapis and chrysoprase.

The piece measures 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" not including the inlaid "hair stick" portion, which measures 4 3/4" long. It is signed "Eveli" and "18kt" on the reverse. This beauty comes out of a private Eveli collection, where it has remained since its original 1984 acquisition date. The new collector will receive the original sales receipt directly from Eveli.

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