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Navajo Eugene Hale Storyteller Belt Of Silver and Gold Overlay

Navajo Eugene Hale Storyteller Belt Of Silver and Gold Overlay

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There are 14 rectangular panels in this charming Navajo storyteller belt plus a buckle. 

It's handmade by Eugene Hale. Living up to its name as a "storyteller" belt, each single little panel (and buckle) of silver and gold overlay is different. Each is like its own tiny vignette depicting a scene from Dine´ life. There are hogans and horses, monuments and mesas, pottery and people in their traditional dress as well as corn and hornos. 

So much more than a piece of jewelry adornment, you can easily get lost in this petite storyteller belt. It's the kind of piece that even your children or grandchildren may hold in their tiny hands moving from concho to concho as their creative minds come up with magical stories of life on the Navajo nation.

The belt is small in size but striking in its complexity. Each vignette (including the buckle) measures 1 1/2" x 3/4". They're attached to black leather in the traditional way using copper slides. The 3/4" leather belt strap measures 36" from end to end and fits a 31 1/2" - 34 1/2" waist. This magical piece is signed on the inside of the buckle.

How classy would this look set off against a black dress or pants.

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