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Edith Tsabetsaye Bracelet of Turquoise and Silver


Some of us like big, bold and loud while others prefer quiet and understated. There's beauty in both and in between. This delicate, handmade Zuni bracelet is definitely the latter. It's by master jeweler Edith Tsabetsaye and perfect for the woman who finds beauty in smaller scale and refined process. 

Edith Tsabetsaye's technique is a difficult one, for each of those little raised half-moon pieces of natural turquoise are hand cut and then fit into their teeny tiny silver bezel. It's a unique, graceful look that's all Edith Tsabetsaye and her time-consuming and time-honored.

Her hard-to-find sterling silver bracelet measures 5 1/8" inside with a 7/8" opening. The width is 1/2" and the piece is signed inside with Edith's hallmark.

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