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Turquoise & Tufa

Edison Cummings Bracelet of Turquoise and Coral

Edison Cummings Bracelet of Turquoise and Coral

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This here is contemporary jewelry magic from Edison Cummings, a multi-award winning artist, who's destined to go down in history as one of the best contemporary Navajo jewelers of our time.

Edison's are the hands of an inspired artist with the gift of technical precision. In those hands, silver and gold become objects of art. Edison has created magnificent evening bags and streamlined teapots out of sculpted precious metal and wood. He's cut and shaped stones for precision inlay. He's painted pictures with realistic vigor. There's really nothing that Edison Cummings cannot do.

With this dramatic bracelet, Edison Cummings has combined two of the finest stones he could get his hands on: an elongated natural red Mediterranean Coral cabochon and a standout natural Lone Mountain cabochon. Together, the stones form a sumptuous figure that's accented with 14k gold bezels, beads and swirls. The result is breathtaking! Edison at his finest!

Edison Cummings' bracelet measures 5 3/16" inside plus a 15/16" opening, so it's MADE to adorn little wrists in a big way. The width is 2 1/4". Signed on the inside with Edison's hallmark. 

  • Contemporary Tufa Cast Silver bracelet of Coral and Turquoise
  • Handmade by award-winning Navajo jeweler Edison Cummings
  • Natural Lone Mountain Turquoise 
  • Natural Red Mediterranean Coral
  • Fits small wrists at 5 3/16" inside plus a 15/16" opening
  • Impressive 2 1/4" width
  • Signed on the inside
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