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Turquoise & Tufa

Early Turquoise Ring With Cracked Stone

Early Turquoise Ring With Cracked Stone

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Much like the lines on our faces, cracks in early pieces of turquoise jewelry tell us stories.

This early turquoise ring is FULL of story with the stable cracks in its stone. A simple hand wrought piece, the only adornments are six silver beads. This piece has been worn and loved long ago. It's jewelry with soul and ready to be worn and actively loved again.

The ring is a beloved heirloom from a New Orleans collection. Originally acquired by a man, who traveled to the Southwest for work in the early 20th century, it was part of a very small group of Navajo and Pueblo jewelry that he collected during his time west of NOLA.

The jewelry has been much-loved and passed down through generations of the man's family. Now, it's owned by the granddaughter of the original collector. She's an older woman without any children and would like for this ring to go to a new home, where it will be cherished as much as it was originally - hopefully to be passed down through more generations of family.

It is unusual for an early piece like this to come with a strong provenance and to be available for the first-time since its original acquisition long ago.

The ring is a size 8.

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