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Early Silver Elongated Navajo Cone Dangle Earrings With Blossoms


Not only are these early long, silver dangle earrings bold and exquisite in appearance, they are an important piece of history. Hand wrought in the 1890s, the earrings represent one of the earliest forms of Navajo silversmithing, as there are no settings of stone or shell. The artist relied only on the allure of the skillfully wrought silver. The impressive elongated cone earrings show early decorative elements of silver buttons and blossoms. For us, they continually evoke the word pure.

Due to their rare beauty and historic significance, this was THE earliest Navajo silver pair that the renowned Native American art dealer, collector and scholar, Martha Struever chose to include in her personal collection, and she wore them often with pride! 

Not for the faint of heart unsigned blossom earrings measure a very long 4 1/8."

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