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Turquoise & Tufa

Early Pottery Canteen Attributed to Charles Loloma

Early Pottery Canteen Attributed to Charles Loloma

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Turquoise and Tufa doesn't often sell pottery, but this piece is a special one . . . it's a Large pottery canteen attributed to the brilliant Hopi artist Charles Loloma. 

Known best for his celebrated contemporary jewelry designs, Charles Loloma actually first studied pottery. In late 1945, thanks to the G.I. Bill, he attended Alfred University in New York to study a ceramics curriculum. 

This canteen likely dates from that time period. On the reverse of the canteen is written in pencil "Belongs to Loloma".

The piece comes from the private collection of Martha Hopkins Struever, the author of the book Loloma, Beauty is His Name. Martha Struever, a major Loloma collector in her own right, acquired the piece when she was researching for the book. 

It measures 15" x 6.5"

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