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Turquoise & Tufa

Early Navajo Silver And Turquoise Bracelet With Hidden Stamp Work

Early Navajo Silver And Turquoise Bracelet With Hidden Stamp Work

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This early Navajo silver bracelet is set with one center turquoise stone, but the real joy of this piece is in its wonderful and whimsical stamp work. In fact, its former care taker named it "Big Nosed Gent" in reference to some of that stamp work.

Notice - on either side of the turquoise stone, there appears to be a somewhat hidden face stamped in the silver - two eyes and an elongated nose.

Might this stamped face be a caricature of someone the artist encountered? Might it represent an overly brazen tourist? Wouldn't it be fun to know what the artist was depicting here? The stamped faces blend in amongst the rest of the complex stamp work until you really look.

It's an old turquoise bracelet full of story. Imagine passing it down through generations as the stories about "Big Nosed Gent" grow with the passing of time.

The bracelet is from a fine New York City collection of Native American jewelry. It measures 6" inside with a 1" gap. The width is 1 1/16" wide.

Important to note, there is a stable crack in the turquoise stone, but it should just add to the abundant character of this interesting piece. There is also an early repair in the silver work. What a life this bracelet has already lived!

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