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Early Navajo or Pueblo Ring Set With Pale Green Stones

Early Navajo or Pueblo Ring Set With Pale Green Stones

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There will always be collectors for pristine and shiny new Native American jewelry. The collectors are fewer in number when you go back to early and imperfect Native jewelry like this sweet Navajo or Pueblo ring set with three rare pale green stones.

You'll immediately notice that one of the stones is cracked, yet that crack is completely stable, and the stone is secure in its bezel. 

Sometimes we replace cracked stones with new ones, but that little stone has made it through almost 100 years of wear and is still hanging on tightly. It deserves to remain with its two little round companions gifting the early Native American ring with loads of character and even metaphor.

Here's one: wear this ring as your reminder that though life sometimes breaks us down, it doesn't destroy us.

Ring is a size 6.5, and the face is 3/4". The silver is weighty and beautifully done. It's a handmade tri-shank design that closes to a single band at the back. The sides of the silver ring are stamped with lots of wear.

Please note, the camera shows the crack in much greater detail thank you'll notice in person.

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