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Turquoise & Tufa

Early Navajo or Pueblo Dangle Earrings of Green Turquoise

Early Navajo or Pueblo Dangle Earrings of Green Turquoise

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There was a similar pair to these early Navajo or Pueblo earrings in the 2021 annual catalog, and collectors went wild. There were more calls on those earrings than almost any other piece in the catalog. Since the earrings sold immediately, many would-be buyers had to receive the bad news that they were already sold.

Therefore, it's extra exciting to be able to present you once again with a strikingly similar pair of these great old earrings.

These outstanding earrings are set with green turquoise stones that have changed over time so that they're not perfectly matched in color. You'll likely see that little detail as adding to their overall appeal because after all, when collecting early Native American earrings, we're choosing imperfection over the pristine. 

Additional decoration on the earrings is a small amount of somewhat irregular stamp work and, best of all, 5 graduated silver drops. Interestingly, page 86 of Bob Bauver's Navajo and Pueblo Earrings 1850-1945 informs us that the rounded ends the drops were formed by being "flattened and embossed from behind instead of having the balls soldered on." Isn't that a juicy bit of additional info! There's a whole lot more in the book!

The earrings measure 2 7/8" long from top of wire to bottom drop. They're 1" wide and for pierced ears. Please note that the earrings have been placed on new silver ear wires with fluted beads.

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