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Turquoise & Tufa

Early Navajo Silver Cuff Bracelet of Silver and Turquoise

Early Navajo Silver Cuff Bracelet of Silver and Turquoise

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Here's a very nice early Navajo silver cuff bracelet of silver and turquoise at a good price. The silver scalloped cuff is framed in stamp work along the scallops. It is set with a single rectangular natural turquoise stone. Framing the stone are two stamp work patterns. The stamping is slightly imperfect but perfectly so. Additional floral stamped designs are on either side of the turquoise stone along with 6 silver buttons. Two final whirling log stamps on either terminal complete the piece. As some people are uncomfortable wearing the whirling log design, the positioning of the design on this bracelet can't be beat. It's there, but not in a prominent position.

There's nice wear on the bracelet, but it's in great condition with a secure stone.

The piece dates circa 1920 and is unsigned except for some trader's etched marks. It measures 5 7/8" inside with a 15/16" opening. Width is 1 1/8".

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