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Turquoise & Tufa

Early 1900's Handmade Navajo Doll With Turquoise

Early 1900's Handmade Navajo Doll With Turquoise

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The main focus of Turquoise & Tufa is Native American jewelry, but every once in a while, a memorable Native American made art object makes its way here. 

This one is a handmade Navajo doll that dates to the early 20th Century. She's simply adorable in her traditional velvet shirt, flowing pleated skirt, and tall moccasins. She has the sweetest hand-stitched expression on her face and is happily wearing a real turquoise jockla necklaces.

Over the years she's seen lots of love and wear to match. She's no longer perfect by any means, but that's not her purpose. It's like what old Cowboy Horse without much hair and one eye left said to Velveteen Rabbit, "Soft toys like us are really the lucky ones.  We get loved the most.  And when soft toys get loved and loved, we can become Real.”

The Navajo doll was last loved by Martha Hopkins Struever, the Native American art dealer, collector and scholar. She comes right out of "Marti's" private collection and hopefully right into your heart.

The cloth doll measures 11" tall and 7" wide. She's 2" across her waist.


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