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Turquoise & Tufa

Depression Era Thunderbird Earrings From Santo Domingo Pueblo

Depression Era Thunderbird Earrings From Santo Domingo Pueblo

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These colorful, whimsical thunderbird dangle earrings are little historical treasures. They were created at Santo Domingo Pueblo, now known as Kewa Pueblo during the Depression Era. During that time the scarcity of money and materials called for innovation - even in Native American jewelry-making. Pueblo jewelers turned to found objects like bone, turquoise chips, and plastic from things like car battery casings, phonograph records, spoons, and toothbrushes to use as materials. 

Once sold by the roadside to tourists, these depression pieces, most often necklaces and earrings, have since become quite collectible.

These little dangle thunderbird earrings come from a fine collection of Native American jewelry.

Read more about the Depression Era Santo Domingo jewelry in this enlightening El Palacio article. 

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