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Turquoise & Tufa

Darryl Dean Begay Bracelet Entitled The Messenger

Darryl Dean Begay Bracelet Entitled The Messenger

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Spring time is the perfect season for this wide silver cuff by Navajo artist Darryl Dean Begay entitled "The Messenger." The striking tufa cast sterling silver cuff is set with a polik mana katsina figure. Her head is a natural turquoise stone with an intricate spider webbed matrix. Her body is decorated with motifs of a corn stalk growing up above the sacred Navajo mountains found in Monument Valley. In the shadow of the mountains, rests a secure dwelling place. Mighty rain clouds float over the corn.  

Polik mana is a butterfly maiden, who gracefully flutters from flower to flower pollinating crops and eventually bringing the life-giving rain. Darryl Dean Begay has so beautifully depicted this spirit being in his bracelet. 

This inside of Darryl's cuff is adorned with an elegant eagle, outstretched wings spanning across the bracelet.

Overall, this is a powerful piece of jewelry full of encouraging symbolism - something exceptionally beautiful but also a reminder of life and rebirth.

The cuff is inscribed with Darryl Dean Begay's initials and it's 2005 date of creation along with "The Messenger".

Despite its incredible 3" width, this piece fits a small wrist. It measures 5" inside with an opening of 7/8".

  • The Messenger Bracelet by Darryl Dean Begay
  • Tufa Cast Silver With Natural Turquoise Stone
  • Created 2005
  • Signed on the inside
  • Measures 5" inside with a 7/8" opening and a width of 3"
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