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Darrell Jumbo Silver Animal Pin With Stone

Darrell Jumbo Silver Animal Pin With Stone

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Can you stand the cuteness!

In typical Darrell Jumbo fashion, this super creative, handmade sterling silver animal pin is as whimsical as it is adorable. It's a cute cotton-tail bunny using his feet to play with a ball. Or is it?

When you look another way, the silver brooch depicts a big-lipped duck diving into the water holding a ball in his duck feet. 

That's the magic of Darrell Jumbo's jewelry! It's playful, fun, and out to capture your heart. How in the world does he conjure his inspired designs?

Darrell Jumbo, who is otherwise known by his artist name "Elephant Man," is a Navajo jeweler who learned silversmithing from Norbert Peshlakai. If you happen to be familiar with Norbert Peshlakai's jewelry, you may notice little bits of influence even in Darrel Jumbo's very original pieces of jewelry.

This wonderful, expressive pin measures 3" x 1 1/2". Hallmarked on the reverse with Darrell Jumbo's elephant mark.

  • Darrell Jumbo sterling silver pin
  • Bunny rabbit with ball
  • Duck with ball
  • Set with single stone
  • Measures 3" x 1 1/2"
  • Signed on the reverse
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