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Cody Hunter Silver Inner Beauty Bracelet with Story Scene


Navajo life and the landscape of the breathtaking Canyon de Chelly are the inspirations for Cody Hunter's "Inner Beauty" bracelet. Cody Hunter lives in Chinle, Arizona, right by the dramatic canyon.

The front of his silver bracelet is decorated with 14kt gold petroglyph symbols, but the inside is where it's at! The inside of the cuff shows a detailed scene, an homage to Navajo life in Canyon de Chelly. There is a hogan, two Navajo women talking by the fire, horses, clouds, vast mesas and monuments of red rocks, a goat, and plant life. All are under the watchful eye of a 14kt gold sun.

The piece is perfect for small wrists without having to sacrifice detail or meaning. It measures 5" inside with a 7/8" opening or gap. The width is 13/16" and the bracelet is signed on the inside.

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