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Cheyenne Harris Bracelet of Silver and Silver Wire

Cheyenne Harris Bracelet of Silver and Silver Wire

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Plain silver comes to life in the hands of a skilled technician like award-winning Navajo jeweler Cheyenne Harris. With this silver bracelet, she's creatively and expertly turned the metal into wearable excellence. 

When you study her handmade silver cuff, you'll find yourself impressed by Cheyenne's artistry. The top and bottom edges of this one-of-a-kind piece are carinated like some of the early Navajo bangles. The edges frame a channel in which a bundle of silver wire is suspended by a center loop of parallel silver tracks. Even the inside of this elegant bracelet is shaped and textured somewhat reminiscent of a mushroom cap's underside. 

Cheyenne Harris created this work of art in 2001, and it was originally collected by another artist, with a keen eye for detail. Its first owner grew up in Yuma Arizona and quickly became fascinated with Native American jewelry. Over his lifetime, he collected a small amount of attractive pieces. That jewelry has come to Turquoise & Tufa thanks to his daughter, who hopes that her beloved father's pieces will find homes where they'll continue to be treasured as they honor the culture and history of Indigenous People.

This very heavy silver bracelet measures 5 1/2" inside plus a 1 1/8" opening. The width is 3/4" and the height is 1/4". It's signed and dated on the inside. 

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