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Bennett Kagenveama Bracelet of Crow Mother

Bennett Kagenveama Bracelet of Crow Mother

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The phrase "wearable artwork" is often used quite generously, however, this Hopi silver overlay bracelet by Bennett Kagenveama truly IS wearable artwork. Bennett Kagenveama is known to be a jeweler, who creates some of the most detailed contemporary Hopi overlay work available.

With sterling silver as his canvas, Bennett Kagenveama has painted an intricate picture of a Crow Mother katsina set against the backdrop of a Hopi village. Perhaps it's Shungopavi, on Second Mesa, where Bennett is from. 

The design on this overlay cuff is unique as it runs horizontally from one bracelet terminal to the other, from feathered head of Crow Mother to moccasined feet.

While the piece has an abundance of presence, it's perfect for smaller wrists - it measures 5 1/4" inside with a 15/16" opening. Width is a generous 1 7/8". It's signed on the inside with Bennett Kagenveama's hallmark. 

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