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Turquoise & Tufa

Hand-Beaded Zuni Clown By Farlan Quetawki

Hand-Beaded Zuni Clown By Farlan Quetawki

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If you've clicked into this description, congratulations! You must not be afraid of clowns. This fun-loving Zuni clown is offering you a choice of three beaded balloons. They're each hand-beaded, just like the clown himself, by Zuni beadworker Farlan Quetawki. He stands 3 1/2" tall from the sole of his big red shoes to the tip of his blue balloon.

If you clicked despite being scared of clowns, think for a moment about how many of these guys are running around out there in the world. Chances are, very very few. That's the thing about Zuni beadwork - it's a painstaking art form that is only done in one tiny area (pueblo) of the world. That's good if you're terrified of clowns, and it's good if you're a collector too.

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