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Vintage Sterling Silver Fred Harvey Era Link Bracelet With Whirling Logs

Vintage Sterling Silver Fred Harvey Era Link Bracelet With Whirling Logs

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You've probably never seen a bracelet just like this before! This tiny sterling silver link bracelet is one you might see if you were perusing a curio shop catalog of Fred Harvey Era jewelry back in the 1930's. 

Fred Harvey Era jewelry often used motifs that were an amalgamation of authentic Native American designs coupled with more fantastical elements created just to appeal to tourists' understanding of "Indian" jewelry. In fact these "Indian" symbols were actually conceptualized by Herman Schweizer, one of the Fred Harvey Company's, marketing directors. 

This vintage link bracelet has the teeniest whirling log motif at each link which is a real Native American design unfortunately later co-opted by the German Nazi Party. The bracelet also has interesting totem figures that didn't previously appear in Southwestern Native American jewelry but were of those invented symbols meant to entice buyers. 

Isn't it interesting how one little bracelet is also a wearable history lesson? That's what makes it collectible. 

The link bracelet is very narrow and will only fit small wrists. It's just 6" from end to end which is the equivalent of a cuff that's 5" inside with a 1" opening and a 3/8" width. It closes with a little hook latch.

If you have a bigger wrist, but want to still enjoy the look of this Fred Harvey Era piece, here's a secret to make it wearable for you . . . It can be attached to a hair pin and worn as a dangling hair ornament. It's actually a NEAT look when worn that way!

It's hallmarked Sterling on the inside, so unlike some Fred Harvey Era pieces, it's actually real silver. 

From a small but intentional collection of Fred Harvey Era pieces.

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