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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Pueblo Treasure Necklace With Turquoise Fetish and Inlay

Vintage Pueblo Treasure Necklace With Turquoise Fetish and Inlay

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If you're looking for a big and bold showstopper of a necklace, you just might want to consider this entirely unique vintage Pueblo treasure necklace. 

As the name suggestions, this extra large necklace is comprised of various "treasures" including a 2" long hand carved turquoise bear (large enough to be a table fetish), hand carved turquoise shells, a big hunk of a green turquoise nugget, authentic arrowheads, orange spiny oyster tabs, red spiny oyster pendants, Kewa multi-stone inlay pendants and all kinds of rolled turquoise and other stone beads. 

Each time you look at this colorful display of a necklace, you'll find something new. Your admirers will too as this is unlike anything else out there. It's lively and spirited, even on the days when you're not!

Whether you're wearing a plain white tee or a sleek black dress, put this necklace over your head, and your outfit is instantly made! You'll get to sport so many favorite Southwestern Native American jewelry elements and techniques all in one single necklace.

The scale of this necklace is significant! It hangs a full 17.5" meaning from end to end it's 35" long! The smallest inlay pendant is 1" long, and the longest red spiny oyster shell pendant is 2 3/4" long. Each authentic arrowhead is about 1 1/2". When you open the package to unveil this necklace for the first time, you'll be impressed!

The piece dates circa 1990 and comes from a private collection of fine Native American jewelry. 

It's unsigned.

Please note: the necklace is in great vintage condition. One small chip out of turquoise inlay portion as detailed in photo.

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