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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Narrow Zuni Row Bracelet With Flush Inlay Turquoise Stones

Vintage Narrow Zuni Row Bracelet With Flush Inlay Turquoise Stones

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This vintage narrow Zuni row bracelet is set with flush inlay of round turquoise stones. It comes from a collection of old narrow turquoise bracelets with round stones that were all worn together as stackers on one woman's arm. She acquired each of these narrow stackers over time with much intention so that every piece had something unique. 

This Zuni bracelet is unique in the collection as the only piece with flush turquoise inlay in a style made famous by father and son jewelers Frank and Virgil Dishta. Perhaps most interesting is the INSIDE of this bracelet, where it appears to be stamped with a large serif typeface that's illegible. It's not a hallmark, but what is it? Could it be that the metal in this bracelet was repurposed from something else? Little extra details like this are what catch the eye of discerning collectors.  

This sweet and interesting bracelet is very light weight and little. She measures 5 1/8" inside with a 1 1/8" opening that can be very gently manipulated to fit. She's also very slender measuring just 1/8" wide. Even though she's been worn and loved over the decades, each little round stone is completely secure, and like us humans, has gained more beauty and character with the marks of time. 

She's unsigned and wondering if she'll become part of a new stack or shine all on her own. Be sure and look at her sister stacker bracelets in case you'd like to keep her within the same collection. (wink wink)

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